Accepted Entertainment Vendors

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Suppliers doing business with Penn State University must be registered within SIMBA to be paid. See the Become a Supplier page for details on how to register. This is a separate and additional process to the requirements to be placed on the Vendor Lists on this site.

The following listed Entertainment Vendors have met the University's requirements for the riskier types of entertainment and can be contracted through the date their insurance is listed as valid.


  • As part of this process, each has already submitted the required insurance certificate as outlined in the Requirements for Entertainment Vendors.
  • The following categories of Accepted Entertainment Vendors can be viewed by selecting the Vendor Type in the drop-down box below: Amusement Rides/Attractions, Hypnotist, Massage, Other Entertainment, Stage, Sound & Lighting, and Tent Rental.
  • All amusement rides and attractions that operate in Pennsylvania require Registration with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on an annual basis.  Therefore, all vendors placed in the "Amusement Rides/Attractions" category on this Entertainment Vendor List have provided their annual registration with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture or have signed the Exemption Certification.
  • Entertainment Vendors must also sign an agreement approved by the University.

Additions or deletions to this list may occur at any time, therefore this list must be checked prior to contracting with an Entertainment Vendor for each contract.  See the Requirements for Entertainment Vendors for details on how Entertainment Vendors can be placed on this list.  Please email [email protected] with any questions.

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