University Policies & Procedures

Purchasing Services, a division of Procurement Services within the Office of Auxiliary and Business Services, is the designated authority for the effective and efficient procurement of goods, materials, and services for The Pennsylvania State University. Purchasing Services' primary objectives are to provide quality service to University requisitioners; ensure compliance to applicable policies, laws and regulations; and cost containment for maximum use of University dollars.

Purchasing Services at University Park is responsible for the procurement of and payment for all materials and services obtained for use by the University Park Campus and all Commonwealth Campuses. In order to ensure the best possible service, individual Purchasing Services' personnel are assigned specific commodities.

BS06 - Goals of the Department of Purchasing Services
BS07 - Authority and Procurement  
BS08 - Information Inquiries
BS09 - Initiating Purchases from Vendors Outside the University 
BS10 - Blanket or Standing Order 
BS11 - Responsibilities After Initiating Purchases from Vendors Outside the University  
BS12 - Payment of Freight and Express Invoices  
BS13 - Payment of Vendor's Invoices   
BS14 - Penn State Purchasing Card  
BS15 - Disposal and Purchase of Obsolete, Surplus or Scrap University-Owned Equipment, Supplies, and/or Materials 
BS16 - Limited Order  
BS17 - Use and Procurement of External Consultants 
BS18 - Procurement or Acquisition of Light-Duty Motor Vehicles (8,500 GVW or Less)