Tarkett USA (LVT)

Approved Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) contract information

Tarkett was awarded a contract for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and rubber/hard surface items. Tarkett has a list of the contract product styles with links of the specifications. To get more this and more detailed information on the “PSU approved” selections listed in the Tarkett contract, contact Tarkett contact Michael Albert; [email protected]; 717-439-2963.

  • Tarkett will need contacted in advance regarding color options for LVT.  
  • LVT is ordered direct through Tarkett.

Tarkett was also awarded a contract for rubber/hard surface items which must be purchased from a dealer, it cannot be ordered direct like LVT.  The awarded DEALER to service all Penn State Campuses is Degol Carpet. (Note: Item prices includes freight.  There is no dealer markup, freight, minimum order fees, etc.)

  • Tarkett has a list of the contract product styles with a links to see the specifications.  Contact purchasing agent, Greg Zabrosky ([email protected]).
  • Degol Carpet Contact is Shearl Hite; [email protected]; 814-695-1111. 
  • This contract is under Degol Carpet, as the PO and invoice will be processed through Degol Carpet. 

Ordering Information:

To Order from the PSU Tarkett contract a PO must be created (After you determined the COLOR and quantities needed via Tarkett): To create a PO, the person who has approval to enter shopping cart in SIMBA, should go to the Tarkett LVT or Degol (hard surface) Contract number listed in SIMBA. 

  • You will need to choose the items, enter the quantity, and make a supplier note for each item to add the color information.
    • When choosing each line item, please make sure to notate the LVT color information using the supplier notes on each line item.  You must do this in order to include the LVT color on the PO.  Otherwise, your PO will be held up until Tarkett can determine the correct color.


Contact Information

Supplier Contact:
Michael Albert
[email protected]
(717) 439-2963

Procurement Contact: 
Greg Zabrosky
[email protected]
(814) 861-4718

Contract Details

Contract Type:
Penn State Contract
Contract Number:
Contract Term:
04/01/2021 - 03/31/2026