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Supplier Support Form

With Penn State’s transition to our new financial system, the Supplier Admin Team is currently experiencing a high volume of emails. For up-to-date Supplier Portal answers about registration, editing contact information, receiving payments, and other general questions, please review the Supplier FAQs before submitting the form below. 

Please review the steps to become a supplier and complete the Supplier Registration Form as a new applicant.

Helpful links

Purchase Orders are emailed to suppliers and currently are not available to view in the Supplier Portal.

Penn State shoppers, buyers, and goods recipients can download instructions to locate shopping carts and purchase orders in SIMBA (DOCX).

Selecting "New Vendor/Supplier Registration" means the Supplier Registration Form hasn't been completed. If the Supplier Registration Form is submitted, please select "Supplier Portal" as the subject.  

Helpful Tips and Links

Follow the new applicant steps to become a supplier. 

View the Supplier Registration Guide for form instructions. 

Suppliers receive two emails within 3-5 business days of registration approval. Please do not register more than once even if you have not received an email after 3-5 business days. Suppliers should use the emailed URL, ID, and password to login. Suppliers will be prompted to create a permanent ID and password to login the Supplier Portal

Helpful tips and links 

View the Supplier Self-Service Portal Guide for instructions to update banking details in the Supplier Portal.  

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments allow funds to be directly deposited into your account, replacing paper checks that may require a trip to the bank to deposit or that may be lost in the mail. Although registering for ACH payments through our secured Supplier Portal is recommended, it is not mandatory. If you do not register for ACH payments, you will receive a paper check, which is our default payment method.  

Updated banking details are reviewed by Purchasing for approval.  

Helpful email/address tips and links 

View the Supplier Self-Service Portal Guide for instructions to update an email or address in the Supplier Portal.  

The supplier receives an email if the requested changes are approved or not approved by Purchasing.