Supplier Registration and Administration (02.09.22)

With the introduction of SIMBA in 2020 the supplier registration and administration process has combined seven separate supplier databases and systems into a single supplier database and registration system.  Central Procurement is now tasked with keeping the centralized database for all University suppliers receiving payment through SIMBA.  With that in mind, let's review supplier registration and administration. 

New suppliers (both businesses and individuals) seeking registration should follow the instructions found on the “Become a Supplier” page of the Central Procurement website. Both individuals seeking payment and businesses will need to complete the same application process, however, there are different fields that may or may not be required depending on the registrant’s situation.  A guide has been developed to help with the registration of one time payments for individuals. Once the supplier has completed their registration application, The Procurement and Accounting Operations teams then review for approval.  The current review and approval timeline on a submitted application is 5-7 business days.  This timeline is dependent on the completeness of the information provided in the application and the volume of applications being received.  

Once a supplier’s basic profile is approved in the system, they are ready to receive check payments  If the supplier wishes to be paid via ACH or Wire (for foreign suppliers), they will need to access their profile by creating a permanent logon, with the temporary logon credentials they are provided upon application approval then submit their banking details thru the portal. 

It is important to stress that the supplier handles their profile in the system, and the completeness and accuracy of information is their responsibility.  

Once a supplier is registered, they are assigned a supplier number in SIMBA.  This number generally starts with either an 80 or 86.  Please note that suppliers do not see their supplier number in the portal and will not be able to provide that information to the shopper.  SIMBA has resources available to help you with searching for a supplier

If you have questions about the supplier process or other aspects of being a supplier at Penn State, please check out our “Info for Suppliers” page on our website or reach out using the Supplier Support Form