Sole Source Procurement

One of the most important responsibilities of Purchasing is that of making the decision as to which supplier should be selected to supply the need. Purchasing is responsible for obtaining quotations from suppliers when formal bidding is required. Should a requisitioner determine that a specific manufacturer or brand of product is required, the Sole Source Justification form must be completed. See Policy BS09 for more information. Such justifications are only required for purchases that are equal to or exceed $10,000.

Staff members may inquire and seek product or specification information and cost estimates for budgetary purposes from prospective suppliers, but unofficial quotations sent to departments from suppliers create delays, duplication of effort, and confusion in the final process of preparing and placing orders by Purchasing Services.

View competitive purchasing requirements.

Sole Source Justification Form:

The SSJ on-line submittal link has been disabled. Please complete the editable PDF and upload to your requisition. Single/Sole Source Justification form (editable PDF)