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[email protected] State offers numerous software at pre-negotiated rates and with enterprise licensing terms.

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Subject to change: Adobe, Code 42, Cylance, Dell, Duo Token, ESRI, Exelis, Filemaker, FWi, Mathcad, Mathworks, Microsoft, Minitab, National Instruments, OSC, Parallels, QSR, Qualtrics, Redhat, SAS, Sigmaplot, SPSS, Studio code, Teamviewer, Techsmith, Endnote, VMWare, Vasco Security Token, Wolfram.

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Available through Lion Marketplace punchout catalog.

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Susan Taylor - [email protected]
Penny Meyer - [email protected]
Mike Mrsa - [email protected]
Tim White - [email protected]
Procurement Contact: 
Kristi Cornali
(814) 863-2641

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