Software Request Form Checklist

The Software Request Form is intended to be used solely by University employees or graduate students that are requesting to use software within the scope of their employment with the University. If you do not meet these criteria and the University should be acquiring the software, then you should obtain assistance from a University employee to complete this Form.

Please DO NOT complete the form unless you are prepared to answer the following types of Purchasing/Risk Management questions regarding this Software:

  • Has the Software been reviewed by Penn State’s IT Accessibility Team to determine if it meets University requirements?  For further information, please reference Policy AD69 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology.
  • Will the Software, support documentation, and/or associated data files be accessed remotely by the user while outside of the United States?
  • Will any information classified as either High or Restricted (per policy AD95) be used (manipulated, stored, or managed) with the Software?
  • Where will this Software be accessed, transmitted, or stored? (Check all that apply)
    • Cloud-based or Supplier-hosted (external to PSU)
    • Locally installed (resides on Penn State hardware (e.g. laptop, desktop, server))
    • Other (please explain)
  • Will any FERPA data be used (manipulated, stored, or managed) with the Software?
  • Will any data be exchanged between this Software and any existing enterprise University Information Technology resources or systems? (Examples include: Student Information System "LionPATH", OHR System "Worklion", Financial System "SIMBA"", or Learning Management System "Canvas")
  • Will the Software be used by more than 50 users or be used by an entire campus, college, or unit containing more than 25 users?
  • Will this Software be capable of processing credit cards or PayPal transactions? (even if you do not intend to use it to process credit cards or PayPal transactions)