Quote/Proposal Submission


Invited bidders receive an email from a purchasing agent with the subject of RFx 61******.


All bids must be submitted through an electronic sourcing tool. No responses will be accepted outside of the tool nor after the sourcing event close date and time.  

The University reserves the right to:

  • make all decisions regarding a quotation including, without limitation, the right to decide whether a quotation does or does not substantially comply with the requirements set forth;
  • accept or reject any or all quotations or any parts thereof;
  • waive any informalities.

Questions and Contacts

Questions must be submitted electronically in the sourcing tool by the date and time indicated in the Event Summary. Responses will not be provided for questions submitted by alternate methods unless otherwise indicated in the event.

Purchasing will be the sole contact for the sourcing event. Do not contact any other University employee, representative, or student regarding the sourcing event unless instructed to do so in writing by the designated agent.

Financial Obligation 

This Request for Quotation does not create any obligation on the part of the University to enter into any contract or purchase order. Any supplier who expends time or money prior to award does so at the supplier's own risk and expense.

Environmental Alternatives

The University is committed to environmental stewardship, conserving natural resources and preserving the environment. We encourage suppliers to identify products, services, or processes that promote environmental stewardship. In addition to the requested bid, suppliers are encouraged to offer an additional bid for products, services, or processes that are more environmentally friendly. Such products or services should be bid as an alternate to the requested bid. Any exceptions or deviations from the original specifications must be clearly identified. The environmental benefits must be clearly identified with supporting data. Benefits may include:  Reduced life cycle costs, reduced energy consumption, recycled content, recyclability, extended product life, and decreased maintenance.