Purchasing Methods

Penn State faculty and staff can purchase a wide variety of goods and services, including office supplies, software, construction and renovation work, and reimbursement for travel expenses.

Contracted Suppliers

Lion Marketplace is the first source to procure goods and services.

Software Agreement 

Guidelines for signature authority, courseware, integrations, protecting data, accessibility, and completing a Software Request Form.

Caterers, Charter Bus Lines, and Entertainment Vendors

View companies who meet the University's requirements.


Follow the established guidelines for University travel.

Employee Relocation

Coordinate moving arrangements with a contracted company. 

Construction and Renovation Work 

Work over $50,000 is generally handled by Physical Plant Contract Administration.

External Consultants

Obtain specialized experts and professional opinions and advice.

Employee verses Independent Contractor

Interactive worksheet to determine compensation purposes.

Reverse Auctions FAQs

Information about live, real-time, virtual bidding events. 

Conflict of Interest Policy

BS07 Authority and Procurement provides guidelines for relationships between a business and a University employee. 


Purchase Order Change Form

Emergency Purchase Orders

Follow an established process for emergencies.

Prepayment and Foreign Purchase Authorization Form

Understand the risks involved with foreign purchases.