Protocol for Athletic Tournaments taking place on PSU premises involving High School and Junior High School students

It is the intent for this protocol to apply for one day – 3 day (weekend) Athletic Tournaments.  Any proposed Athletic Tournaments for longer than this shall require pre-approval from Risk Management. 

Option 1- The event is sponsored by a non-University organization and that organization must sign the University’s Release and Indemnification Agreement along with providing the required insurance. 

  • ($1,000,000 Commercial General Liability insurance listing the University as an additional insured is required by the Agreement). 
  • It is important to note that this must be done by an organization and not an individual.

Option 2- If the University is the sponsor for the athletic tournament the following protocol must be followed:

  • The campus Chancellor must approve the event to be sponsored by the University.
  • The campus must remain in control of the University sponsored event and is required to comply with policy AD39 (which includes background checks and mandated reporter training for all University employees and volunteers).
  • Only teams from high school/junior high school or formal organizations can participate.  It is not permitted for an individual to enter a University sponsored tournament.  Instead it must be a formal team entering the tournament.This Organization entering a team into the tournament will be required to sign a University Tournament Participation Agreement, which can be obtained from the Risk Management Office.
  • This Tournament Participant Agreement is similar to the University’s Release and Indemnification Agreement, but has been customized for tournaments. 
  • The campus will need to complete the general information at the top of this Tournament Participation Agreement and then route to the participating Organization for their signature. 
  • Once signed by the Organization it must be submitted to the Risk Management Office.
  • No evidence of insurance will be required by Organization’s entering teams into the tournament.
  • No individual waivers are required because it is not an individual participating, but an Organization’s team and the Tournament Participation Agreement will be signed.
  • Need to arrange for the appropriate number of EMT and Physical Trainers to be present for the tournament. 
  • Need to provide certified referees.
  • Need to work with campus Police Services to determine security needs.

It is important to note that these are the only two options that would be permitted regarding this type of athletic tournament.  For example, Recognized Student Organizations are not permitted to sponsor this type of athletic tournament on campus.