Lion Marketplace (10.18.21)

What is Lion Marketplace? 

Lion Marketplace is the “punchout” platform within Shop OnLion that offers the Penn State community pre-negotiated contracts with competitive pricing and terms.  Lion Marketplace provides a one-stop shopping location for many distinct categories of goods including Office Supplies (General Stores); MRO facilities supplies (Grainger, Filtech, Home Depot, Lowes, and others), Computers and Electronics (Dell, Apple, Digikey, B&H Photo, and others), Scientific and Laboratory Equipment (VWR, Fisher, Dot Scientific, and others) and many other suppliers handling often used goods and services. 

Lion Marketplace catalogs provide the convenience of shopping on University pre-negotiated contracts with the look and feel of using the supplier’s website to do the shopping.  Shoppers can take advantage of an abbreviated approval process for Lion Marketplace shopping carts (often with a few or no approval steps, depending on pre-approved purchasing levels) and most Lion Marketplace orders do not require Goods Confirmations. Lion Marketplace orders also take advantage of electronic order placement with the supplier, meaning that your order is most often placed the same day as you submitted it, and electronic invoicing, which means the supplier is paid quickly. 

Lion Marketplace orders are the most efficient, cost-effective means of procuring everyday goods available to the University community.  Prices and terms are negotiated to be competitive - and while we cannot guarantee that every price on every item is the absolute lowest you will find, we are confident that the time savings in processing time (in the shopping cart process) and eliminating the need for reconciliations (through the p-card process) will generate value for every user.   

Supply Chain Concerns and Cancellations 

With recent supply chain constraints occurring worldwide, certain times Lion Marketplace suppliers may contact you to cancel an order that they are unable to fulfill.  In those situations, it is still important to cancel the order in SIMBA so that the PO is closed and the encumbrance of funds is released back to the budget.  Information on the PO Change form process can be found in the resources below. 


  1. Hands-on Guides for Shop OnLion shopping
  2. PO Change Form information