IT Contingent Staffing Managed Service Provider (11.01.21)

As part of a collaborative effort between Penn State IT and Procurement Services to streamline and better manage our IT contingent labor spend, we are pleased to announce the successful launch of the University’s new Managed Service Provider (MSP), Workspend, Inc. 

Workspend acts as a liaison between contingent labor suppliers and University Hiring Managers, facilitating the sourcing, acquisition, onboarding, invoicing, and offboarding of individuals on the Hiring Managers’ behalf. The new MSP provider also gives the University access to a centralized reporting and tracking dashboard that monitors IT contingent staff on assignments. Utilizing these benefits will create transparency, risk mitigation, time- and cost-savings for IT and the University. 

Jennifer Weaver, the Senior Purchasing Agent that managed this project commented that: 

The VMS system successfully went live on August 30th with 17 IT contingent staffing resources preloaded. Central Procurement and Workspend are also working with ARL to make sure all of their resources are loaded and live by 11/1. Since go-live, our MSP partner (Greg Rommel) has assisted, or is assisting, 8 hiring managers to obtain new resources to support their respective teams. The feedback to date has been very positive and common themes include the intake process being very intuitive, Greg (Workspend partner) being very supportive and responsive, and the time from request to fill is much improved. Areas across the University, and even Commonwealth, are engaging with the process and I’m excited to continue to track the policy compliance and cost reduction along with the department quality satisfaction as the program continues to grow! 

If you have questions regarding the MSP or would like to engage them, please reach out to Jennifer Weaver, Senior Purchasing Agent, at [email protected] or our Workspend representative, Greg Rommel at [email protected]