Approved Carpet contract information


Interface has a PSU dedicated website: 

  • To browse click on “Products” to scroll down the page to view approved carpet tile selections. Toggle over the sample and click for product information and color selections. To return to the PSU products page, close out the tab. 
  • To obtain the product list, style numbers, and pricing, click on the red download price sheet and enter the password.  To get the password contact Purchasing Agent (Greg Zabrosky – [email protected]) or Interface Contact Jamie Pikolas ([email protected] or 717.415.0684).


Ordering Information:

To Order from the PSU Interface contract a PO must be created (After you determined the COLOR and quantities needed via Interface)To create a PO, the person who has approval to enter shopping cart in SIMBA, should go to the Interface Carpet Contract. The Interface Carpet Contract ID # is ‘7000000370’ to order directly off this internal contract.  You will need to choose the items, enter the quantity, and make a supplier note for each item to add the color information.  When choosing each line item, please make sure to notate the carpet color information using the supplier notes on each line item.  You must do this in order to include the carpet color on the PO.  Otherwise, your PO will be held up until Interface can determine the correct color.


Contact Information

Supplier Contact: 
[email protected]
(717) 415-0684

Procurement Contact: 
Greg Zabrosky
[email protected]
(814) 861-4718