Goods Confirmation (09.27.21)

The What and Why of Goods Confirmation 

The Goods Confirmation (or Goods Receipt) process was introduced as part of the SIMBA implementation in order to better verify that goods or services have been received prior to the payment of the invoice.  They are an integral part of the three-way match process where the Purchase Order (PO), Goods Confirmation (GC) and Invoice (IR) are matched prior to payment.  Individuals that are listed as Goods Recipients on the Purchase Order perform a vital function to verify that the goods or services have been received.  It is important that the goods recipient perform this function in the system when they have received the goods or services as there is no systematic notification that will prompt the individual to complete one. 

Fast Facts 

  • The Goods Confirmation is to confirm and accept that the product or service has been received to the satisfaction of the end-user. 
  • The Goods Confirmation creates the expense and dictates the month and fiscal year for which the expense posting will occur. 
  • Goods Confirmations, as a function separate from the invoice, should be performed as soon as the product or service has been received and should not be an “invoice confirmation.” 
  • Lion Marketplace orders only require a Goods Confirmation if the order is greater than $5,000.  All other types of orders, regardless of dollar value, require a Goods Confirmation. 
  • Default Goods Recipients can be changed in the shopping cart if another person is the actual recipient of the goods or services (See Additional Assistance item #2 below) 

Dos and Don’ts of Goods Confirmations 

DO create the Goods Confirmation as soon as the goods or services are received. 
DO only confirm the quantity that you have actually received. 
DO NOT wait for an invoice from the supplier or confirm goods based on an invoice received. 
DO NOT mark the “Last Delivery” checkbox in the Goods Confirmation.  This checkbox can impact funds commitments and may prevent future changes to the Purchase Order 

Need Additional Assistance? 

  1. SIMBA resources regarding creating or cancelling a Goods Confirmation can be found here
  2. Specific guidance regarding changing the default Goods Recipient on a shopping cart can be found in steps 1.2.7 through 1.2.12 of this guide.  
  3. Full Purchasing article discussing the Goods Confirmation.