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Non-Transferred eBuy Purchase Orders

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Important Message Regarding Non-Transferred eBuy Purchase Orders 

As part of the transition from eBuy to SIMBA/Shop OnLion, over 2000 regular eBuy purchase orders were successfully transferred and converted into a Shop OnLion purchase order. However, the SIMBA team identified 390 regular eBuy purchase orders, with an open remaining balance, that did not convert into the new system. Therefore, these eBuy orders with an open remaining balance that did not convert will need to be entered into Shop OnLion.  

A staff member from Purchasing Services will be contacting the individual who created the impacted eBuy purchase order(s) in the coming days to help guide users through the necessary steps to rectify the issue in order that suppliers can receive timely payments for the goods and services that they continue to provide per the original purchase order. These steps will include the department entering a shopping cart in Shop OnLion for the remaining balance of the non-converted eBuy order and must reference the original eBuy purchase order number. After the shopping cart is entered, it will be approved and a new purchase order will be created  to pay the remaining open balance only as new invoices are received.

We thank you for your patience and support as we continue the University’s journey to successfully implementing SIMBA and Shop OnLion.