eBuy Purchase Deadline

eBuy Catalogs Purchase Deadline

Monday, June 22, 2020

eBuy Catalogs Purchase Deadline - June 24, 2020

As a reminder, June 24, 2020 is the final day to purchase items through eBuy catalogs, including General Stores to ensure final payment prior to June 29.  The links to shopping, approving and REBY will be disabled at 5pm on June 24th and no further requisitions (catalog or non-catalog) can be entered into eBuy after this date.   If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


Punchout catalog orders not invoiced by June 29th will still ship and be paid with the exception of General Stores orders. General Stores orders not received by June 26th will no longer be valid.


Please see below message issued by General Stores:


This is in regards to current open General Stores customer orders for product that has not been received.  A majority of the products on backorder are COVID related products which have a longer than normal lead-time due to supply and demand. 


We have been working diligently with the SIMBA Team and Procurement Services on a possible resolution to transition/ upload current eBuy customer backorder into SIMBA that goes live July 1, 2020.  Unfortunately, some items are still experiencing increased lead times due to the increased global demands and limited supplies, but we continue to work with existing and new providers to find solutions.  The following is in effect or will occur leading up to go live SIMBA July 1, 2020 due to eBuy customer backorders not being migrated to SIMBA:


  • All Office Depot items with a lead-time that exceeds July 1st, 2020 are currently restricted/ not orderable in eBuy (General Stores).  This will be in effect until July 6, 2020 when ordering capability resumes in SIMBA (Shop OnLion) for all shoppers.  On July 6, 2020, any item that was restricted will be lifted and you will be able to place an order in SIMBA for these items/ all items moving forward.
  • If you currently have an order in place with General Stores that items are on backorder (i.e. General Stores & Office Depot Items).  These orders will remain open in the hope that these items are received by June 26, 2020.  All orders/ items not delivered by 6/26/20 will not be valid anymore.  You will need to re-enter an order in SIMBA (Shop OnLion) July 6, 2020 when ordering resumes if the items are still needed. 
  • Important – eBuy will be shutting down, so please keep a record of your order(s) and what you have not received.  As mentioned above, if you need the items that you did not receive, you will need to re-enter an order in SIMBA (Shop OnLion).    
  • If you have any questions, please contact General Stores [email protected] or 814-863-1119.