Purchasing Services is the designated authority for the procurement of goods, materials, and services for the University community. We will ensure that your purchasing needs are met in a timely manner—and that you always get the best value for your money.

When you have a question, a concern, or a buying need, come to us. We always have your best interests in mind.

Need to make a purchase?

Find out which procurement method you should use.


To establish a Tax Exempt account, click on the Amazon header above to set-up a separate tax-exempt account for business purposes. Purchasing Cardholders should not link a tax-exempt account to their personal Amazon account.  Amazon will link the tax-exempt status to your account.  Please use the Pennsylvania Tax Exempt Certificate.  
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Your Account
Settings - Amazon Tax Exemption Program
Get Started
Bottom Left of Screen - To upload your exemption form directly, select Exit this Wizard
From your desktop, choose PA Tax Exempt Certificate
Accept Terms and Conditions
Upload Form
Please contact Amazon if you should have questions.    

Please note: Even though you are registered in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program, sales tax may still be charged on items you order from any seller who lists products for sale via the Amazon.com website.   In these cases, you may need to upload a new tax exempt certificate for a specific seller.  
To modify your tax exempt information:
Your Account
Settings - Amazon Tax Exemption Program 
Re-enter the online application to make modifications or edit a certificate

Audited Financial Statements

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Closing Guidelines FY2016-2017 (pdf)

Carryforward Policy and Year-End Closing Guidelines

Commodity Directory

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Contracted Suppliers

Contracted Suppliers

Employee Relocation

In some cases, the University will cover partial or total moving expenses for an employee.

Forms for Faculty/Staff

Link to several important forms for faculty/staff.

Receiving, Billing & Payment

Access the policy information regarding your responsibilities after purchasing from outside vendors.

Request for Proposal Committee Checklist (pdf)

Checklist provides important components to an RFP.

Request for Proposal Process (pdf)

Document is to assist Departments with the RFP process.

Single/Sole Source Procurement

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Standing Order Preparation Letter FY2017-2018 (pdf)

Standing Order Preparation Letter FY2017-2018

University Policies & Procedures

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