Employee Relocation

Relocation Process

In cases when the University will cover partial or total moving expenses for an employee, Purchasing will coordinate all arrangements for moving an employee’s household goods and possessions using a University-contracted moving company. The hiring department must contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent to initiate the relocation process, which consists of the following steps:

  1. The hiring department must complete the Moving Information Form. The completed form should be faxed to Purchasing at 814-865-3028 or e-mailed to Doug Hendershot at [email protected].
  2. Purchasing will contact the relocating employee to verify the employee’s moving information and explain the moving procedure.
  3. Purchasing will send all moving information to a University-contracted moving company.    
  4. The moving company will contact the relocating employee to make arrangements for an estimator in the employee’s vicinity to provide a moving estimate. Depending on his or her needs, the employee may receive estimates for full, partial, or no-packing services as well as for the moving of automobiles or other specialty items. The majority of Pennsylvania State University contracts with local agents offer the employee “Guaranteed Not to Exceed” estimates which means that the dollar amount spent on the move cannot exceed the estimated value. The only recourse would be if items or services were added to the employee’s belongings that were not included on the original date of the estimate. It is important that the employee and hiring department understand the type of estimate quoted for the move as it will affect how the move is invoiced.    
  5. The completed estimate will be given to the relocating employee and also forwarded to Purchasing for approval.    
  6. If the estimate meets the approval of Purchasing and the employee, a Purchase Order will be issued specifying the allowed dollar amount the University will cover or the estimated amount of the move, whichever is lower. The Purchase Order will instruct the moving company that any remaining balance must be collected from the relocating employee.
  7. The relocating employee contacts the mover to schedule the move.

    Please refer to Policy HR104 Payment for Relocation Expenses for further information. 
  8. At the conclusion of the move, and the relocating employee has arrived on campus, the Moving Expense Form should be completed for tax purposes.  The form should include all expenses paid by the University for relocation, be signed by the employee, and returned to Accounts Payable, [email protected]

Taxability of Relocation Payments:

The IRS guidelines state that an employer’s payment and/or reimbursement of an employee’s relocation expenses are taxable to the employee, subject to payroll tax withholding and form W-2 reporting. All University relocation payments (whether paid to the employee or directly to a third party supplier on behalf of the employee) constitute taxable income to the employee. The tax withholding on payments made directly to third party suppliers will appear as imputed income on the employee’s pay stub and taxes will be withheld on the supplier payment amount. Meaning, payments made directly to third party suppliers will appear on the pay stub as income and be taxed as income earned. This may result in a reduction in net payment to the employee during the impacted pay period(s). The University will spread the tax burden from third-party supplier payments by dividing the relocation cost over three pay stubs.  For any questions, please consult with your department directly.

University-Contracted Moving Companies

The University has contracted with the following moving companies to provide moving services to relocating employees:

Mayflower Transit
Agent: Premier Moving
1234 Wrights Lane
West Chester , PA 19380
Phone: 1-800-877-6683 x 3914
Fax: 724-553-3967
Contact: Linda Lindrose, Relocation Coordinator
Estimate Type: Guaranteed Not to Exceed
Email: [email protected]

United Van Lines
Agent: Parks Corrigan PA
P.O. Box 18
State College, PA 16804
Phone: 724-553-3957
Fax: 814-359-9861
Contact: Kimberly Aland
Estimate Type: Guaranteed Not to Exceed
Email: [email protected]

Atlas Van Lines
Agent: Hoy Transfer
2580 Clyde Avenue
State College, PA 16801
Phone: 1-800-257-1110
Fax: 814-237-7530
Contact: Dan Briscoe
Estimate Type: Guaranteed Not to Exceed
Email: [email protected]

United Van Lines
Agent: Corrigan Moving Systems NY
150 Jarley Rd
Rochester, NY 14623
Phone: 800-333-0763 or direct 585-295-2245
Fax: 585-647-3004
Contact: Marabeth Galardi
Estimate Type: Guaranteed Not to Exceed
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

North American Moving Services
Agent: George Moving & Storage
121 Tri County Dr, Building 5
Freedom, PA  15042
Phone: 800-810-2635
Fax: 724-371-3199
Contact: Rebecca George
Estimate Type: Guaranteed Not to Exceed
Email: [email protected]


There are many advantages to using a University-contracted moving company:

  • The contracted moving companies offer special discounts to the University.
  • Personal attention is given to University employees.
  • If any problems occur with the move, the University will work with the employee and the moving company to resolve the problem.
  • Up-front, out-of-pocket expenses for the relocating employee are reduced.

Although there are many advantages to using a University-contracted moving company, relocating employees may choose to use a non contracted moving company if they wish. Employees who choose to use a non contracted moving company will be responsible for making all arrangements for their move. Purchasing will not be available to assist in coordinating these moves.

The relocating employee will need to pay for the move and then submit receipts to the hiring department for reimbursement. The University will reimburse the allowed dollar amount via a Special Request for Check to the employee through the hiring department. Purchase Orders will not be issued to non contracted movers. When necessary, the relocating employee may contact the hiring department regarding reimbursement for other expenses incurred. See Human Resources Policy HR104 for more details.