Contracts Routing and Processing Updates (02.28.22)

Central Procurement is making updates and refinements to the contract intake and routing process. We are ready to launch these new processes to streamline the cover sheet for intakes and enhance traceability internally of where a contract is in the review process.  

Most of the contract related information that was housed on the Risk Management website has been moved to the procurement website and can be found at this link:  

Beginning on March 1st the following new processes will be in place: 

We have updated the submission form (see attached contract cover sheet) so that a single form can be used on contracts paid via purchase order, non-PO invoice contracts, P-Card contracts, electronic click-through type agreements (except for software), as well as non-financial contracts.  This form and instructions can be found on the contracts information website or by following these links to the GURU site: 

Contract Cover Sheet access instructions - Similar to other GURU forms, the Adobe functionality only works in the Adobe program (not in the browser).  Procurement recommends using Option 2 (as outlined in the instructions) so that you are always getting the latest version of the form. 

Contract Cover Sheet - For convenience, the PDF version of the current form is attached. 

Contract Cover Sheet Completion Instructions  

Additionally, the [email protected] email address for submitting contracts is being retired.  All contracts that use the new submission form should now be sent to [email protected] .   

Internally, Procurement is also updating its contract tracking system to be more unified and efficient in tracking the negotiations of all different contract types. 

We are excited about these changes and the prospect of streamlining our contract submission processes.  Should you have any questions about the new process or updated cover sheets, please reach out to the contract administration team or procurement staff