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Contract Information

Contract Processing & Submission Details

For non-courseware Software Agreements (regardless of whether a fee is involved or not) see which references a lot of great information and resources including: 

How to route a Software Agreement for review: 

Complete the Software Request Form to determine how the associated Software Agreement (electronic or hard signature) must be processed. Once you have completed the Form, you will need to download a pdf of the completed form and then submit the Form according to the instructions included on the last pages of that pdf.  If you have not completed this form before, please review the Software Request Form Checklist for a general overview of the information that will be requested.  

For courseware Software Agreements, please visit for more information on how to submit. 


How to route Goods and Services contracts for review:

(including short-term facility use contracts less than a year*) with an outgoing fee/payment from Penn State to Supplier:


  • Verify the authorized payment method using the SIMBA General Ledger Accounts and Payment Decision Matrix 
  • Purchase Order payment- contracts paid via Purchase Order should be submitted within the Shopping Cart in SIMBA 
  • Contract Cover Sheet **- use this cover sheet to submit contracts to [email protected] for goods and services for the following: (Contract Cover Sheet access instructions- Adobe form should be opened in Adobe.  Option 2 in these instructions is preferred; Contract Cover Sheet completion instructions
    • P-Card payment contracts 
    • Non-PO Invoice payment contracts 
    • Non-financial contracts 
    • Incoming payment contracts (contracts involving payments being made to Penn State for goods or services that are not research related or do not require another University office to process the contract) 
    • Electronic click-through type agreements excluding Software or Software-as-a-service  
    • **Use Photography and Filming Contract Cover Sheet (Sharepoint PDF) instead for agreements involving photography or filming to facilitate securing approval from Strategic Communications.  Once approval is secured follow the same submission process for goods and services above based on payment method.  The following do not require approval by Strategic Communications:  (a) Video productions services provided by WPSU, (b) Production-only video services (no filming or photography required), (c) Video production equipment rentals or (d) Advertising agreements.  

NOTE: *Facility Use Agreements with a term of one year or longer need to be processed by University Real Estate Services.  
Research Related Agreements: 
 View the OSP website and see the middle column entitled: “I want to enter into a….” for a list of types of agreements and process/policy information


Contract Resources:


Agreement Templates & Resources



Note:  New Livestreaming Speaker and Entertainment Guidance provided and templates are updated with COVID-19 language.  

Step 1: Is performance virtual or in-person?

Virtual- For virtual events review table for Livestreaming Speaker & Entertainment Guidance related performances including contract details to select the correct agreement template to use, requirements to follow and recording restrictions.  The contracts team at [email protected] will need to be consulted for any virtual events involving external artist/performers/speakers that are not being livestreamed by emailing [email protected] with event details and requesting contract guidance.

In-person- Until there is further guidance from Student Affairs on student event approval, for in-person events you will need to secure unit executive approval for the event in writing (email sufficient) to comply with University COVID-19 requirements for in-person meetings, events and gatherings. NOTE: Be sure to include this approval with the agreement when you submit to [email protected] once artist/performer/speaker has signed the agreement.

Step 2: Select correct Entertainment Agreement Template and then review and follow University Standardized Entertainment Agreement Completion and Processing Instructions for University Sponsored Events.

Entertainment Agreement Templates:   NOTE:  Documents must be downloaded for use.

Risk Management Guidelines for Student-Related Events & Programming (Sharepoint PDF) - these guidelines are subject to unit executive approval for any in-person events or programs.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS FAIR AGREEMENTS:   NOTE:  Documents must be downloaded for use.


HR99, AD39, & AD72 Addendum/Amendment Templates 

For use with contracts where the University is engaging a Company as an independent contractor and this language is not already included in the agreement. There are two versions of the template depending on whether the independent contractor will be interacting with minors. Use the appropriate template outlined below: