Cintas for Lab Coats

Contract Highlights

Contract Highlights:

Cintas provides a rental apparel program for your lab coat needs that includes professional laundering, inspection, and delivery.

  • Lab coats available in range of size and have been EHS-approved:
    • Have fasteners such as snaps that allow for easy for removal in case of contamination;
    • Have cuffed sleeves to prevent the sleeves from riding and to prevent contamination of cuffs during work;
    • Extend from neck to approximately the knee and cover full length of arm

          Note: Fire Retardant lab coats are required for laboratories that work with pyrophoric chemicals or significant amounts of flammable material.

  • Apparel will be laundered in accordance with OSHA contaminated laundry requirements.
  • Be sure and check pockets of coats prior to sending out for cleaning.  



  • Fees and Billing: 
    • Cintas Lab Coat pricing.
    • All rental fees are weekly however each unit may establish their own frequency for cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).  You will be charged a weekly fee regardless of frequency.   
    • Penn State Purchasing Card should be used to pay for rental services. 
    • Monthly statements will be emailed to your billing contact.

Services Offered:

Weekly Laundering, Weekly Inspection, Repairs, Delivery, Size Changes, new Orders/Replacements, Tracking Report, Management of Program, On-Hand Delivery, Initial Fitting  

Ordering Information:

Department Addendum Rental form (billing and location detail) to be completed for Cintas.

Contact Information 

Supplier Contact: 
Tom Best
[email protected] 

Procurement Contact: 
Chasity King
[email protected]
(814) 865-0757

Contract Details

Contract Type: 
Omnia Partners Cooperative Purchasing

Contract Number:
Contract Term:
Each rental account is for a 60-month term.
OMNIA Master Contract is July 15, 2022 - July 14, 2025, with possible extension