Billing & Payment

To ensure proper, prompt payment, all purchase order and standing order invoices must:

  • be itemized; and
  • include the current purchase order number and PA code located in the upper right-hand corner of the purchase order.

Invoices submitted without the above information will be returned without payment.    

The Pennsylvania State University Purchasing Services is committed to preserving the environment.  We encourage suppliers to help reduce paper usage by electronically delivering invoices to   To ensure prompt payment include the currentpurchase order number and the PA Code in the subject line of your email.  

Invoices can also be sent to the "Billing Address" on the order.

Material or services should not be provided without an authorized standing order, purchase order, or limited order, and should not exceed the dollar amount stated on the order.

To inquire about the status of a payment, please contact the Payables Clerk on your order (see above).  For a list of Payables clerks and their commodity responsibilities, see our Commodity Directory.