Aircraft Charters

Contracting or Hiring for University Travel

The following requirements apply to chartering, contracting or hiring of aircraft for University business for and by University personnel and for NCAA Division I athletic travel.


Chartering, Contracting or Hiring of aircraft is excluded under General Liability insurance policies, including the University’s. Therefore, it is necessary for the University be certain the aircraft operator has adequate Aircraft Liability insurance with the University named as an Additional Insured and provided with a waiver of subrogation before any contract can be signed or a Purchase Order issued, and the flight can occur.

The approval procedure is as follows:

  1. Provide FULL DETAILS of the proposed aircraft use to either the Risk Management Office or the Department of Procurement Services, which will then contact Risk Management.
  2. Risk Management will determine the limits of Aviation Liability Insurance required for the particular situation and use of the aircraft. The University department involved will then forward the requirements to the aircraft operator.
  3. If the aircraft operator is able to meet the University’s requirements, then a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the aircraft operator’s liability insurance, showing The Pennsylvania State University as an Additional Insured and providing a waiver of subrogation, must be submitted with any Agreement (Contract) to the Risk Management Office. This may be directed to the Department of Procurement Services if a University Purchase Order is to be issued. The address of the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured should appear as follows:

The Pennsylvania State University
c/o Risk Management Office
227 West Beaver Ave., Suite 103
State College, PA 16801

  1. Risk Management will verify the Certificate of Insurance is acceptable with the submitting department or, if a Purchase Order is involved, the Department of Procurement Services. If the Certificate of Insurance is not acceptable, either Risk Management or Department of Procurement Services will get back to you concerning its deficiencies.
  2. Please note that no specific amount of Aircraft Liability Insurance is listed as a requirement. Aircraft use is evaluated individually and the Aircraft Liability Insurance limits set as appropriate.
  3. All written Agreements (Contracts) with the University fall under Policy FN11 Contracts and Leases. The Agreement for the use of any aircraft must be submitted to Central Procurement as follows:

Please note that these requirements only pertain to the Chartering, Contracting or Hiring of an aircraft in the name of the University. They do not apply when individuals buy tickets to go on a regularly scheduled flight. Please contact Risk Management, (814) 865-6307, if you have any questions.